S O P H I A . wedding invitation

S O P H I A . wedding invitation

This is a listing for a sample only.

Please see below for further details of how to order and pricing details:

If you do not want a sample and would like to place an order please contact me directly and I will set up a custom order listing for you.

Size: A5 or 5 x 7” invitation with envelope in a variety of colours included.

We use a heavy, textured paper which brings an extra elegance to your wedding invitations.


(Please note: we do a minimum order of 30 invitations, if you need less, the price will be the same as ordering 30)

30 pack : £102.00

40 pack : £128.00

50 pack: £150.00

60 pack: £174.00

70 pack: £199.50

80 pack: £220.00

90 pack: £230.00

100 pack: £240.00

110 pack: £250.00

120 pack: £255.00

130 pack: £260.00

140 pack: £265.00

150 pack: £270.00

160 pack: £275.00

170 pack: £280.00

180 pack: £285.00

190 pack: £290.00

200 pack: £295.00

*plus postage and packaging


RSVP/ A6 information cards/ A6 save the date:

30 pack - 50 pack: + £1.70 per item
60 pack - 80 pack: + £1.60 per item
90 pack - 110 pack: + £1.30 per item
120 pack - 150 pack: + £1.10 per item
150 pack - 200 pack: + £1.00 per item

If you would like multiple pieces of stationery please contact me for discount options.

Wax seals: £1.00 each

Vellum wrap or vellum front cover with fine string wrap: £1.00 each

Printed addressed envelopes: £1.40 each


Once you have found an invitation you like, you have an option to order a sample or to go straight to ordering your invites.

Please contact me directly if you would like to do this as I will an invoice with the appropriate price as stated above.

Once the order has been made we will work together as soon as you’re ready and start the designing process.

I will send you a proof of your work once the designing stage is finished.

The stationery will be sent to print which can take 3 - 5 working days.


When I receive the invitations back I will get back in touch with you to inform you of an approximate delivery date, this will be different depending on where you live.

Please note that handmade items will take longer to finish, so expect 1-2 days to be added to the processing time.


I will need a word document or email with the details of your invitations, this needs to be spell checked as the information will be transferred as it is, so please double check spelling.
There will be 3 edits available for each item ordered before sent to print.
Anything extra will incur a fee of £10.00.